Storytelling People records the corporate story and brings it to life with storytelling and community building

What is corporate storytelling?

Storytelling makes the abstract corporate story accessible in stories about and for people.

People need to be part of a larger whole and contribute to a shared goal.

Thanks to storytelling, identity, mission, vision, ambition and strategy acquire meaning in people’s heads and hearts.

Corporate storytelling connects people, involves them in the company, inspires and enthuses them, and makes them proud of their collective achievements. It brings the story of organisation, brand and community to life.

About corporate storytelling

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Shaping the world of work

Corporate story Randstad


Corporate story NS

The magic of Heineken

The magic of Heineken

Corporate story Heineken

The customer value of corporate storytelling

SHV, Sligro, FrieslandCampina, Randstad, NS and Heineken. Our clients show: who we are, what we stand for and how we record, tell and spread the corporate story.

Storytelling People develops corporate stories which connect with the company’s identity to make this identity visible and tangible to employees, customers, stakeholders and the outside world. The story is the beating heart of your corporate culture, in which the past, present and future come together.

A credible corporate story has significant customer value. Corporate storytelling makes the social meaning of your business tangible. It enables your employees to identify with your corporate story. Your business contacts know what they can count on. The rest of the world knows what you stand for.

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Corporate storytelling products

Corporate story

We record the core story of organisations in a corporate story.

Sotrytelling workshop groep

Corporate storytelling workshops

We use corporate storytelling to connect people and organisations.

OneStory® App

OneStory® One App changes your brand into a lively community.

Corporate Story

We record the core story of organisations in a corporate story.

Corporate Storytelling

We use corporate storytelling workshops to connect people and organisations.

Community building

OneStory® One App changes your brand into a lively community.

Getting down to work with corporate storytelling

How do you implement corporate storytelling?

Numerous companies and organisations are about to make important transformations. Who are we? What drives us? Where are we going? What is our story? Whether the focus is on leaders and companies, products or services, we yearn for a credible story that is in line with our own values.

The corporate story records this story as a long-term instrument of communication. Corporate storytelling brings this we-story to life in the heads and hearts of employees and customers using storytelling workshops, storytelling content strategy or community building with the OneStory® CommunityApp.